In 2018, Promakertools Corp made its launch and was accompanied by the most prestigious press and media, along with renowned personalities from the television and entertainment industry, for such a prestigious event and thus delight our main clients.

Promaker launch, a night full of sparks!

To surprise the guests, the group AH Sinfónico (@ahsinfonico) was present, who with an innovative mix of electronic music and in contrast with violins and a renowned saxophonist captivated and delighted all the guests, along with the prestigious DJ Anibal Hamilton who directed this moment and welcomed everyone present.

An afternoon/evening full of friends, personalities, special clients and music marked the beginning with a special countdown to the operations in Latin America of the PROMAKER® house of power tools, manuals and accessories.

Strategic alliance with Full Time Ferreteras.

In alliance with Full Time Ferretera, who is emerging as the exclusive distributor and strategic ally of Promaker®, takes the opportunity to start relations with the American brand and who conveyed their gratitude and commitment together with their sales force to all the invited clients the novelties that they have prepared to enter with force in this region.

Full Time Ferreteras, with more than 25 years of leadership in the market, and recognized lines, had the opportunity to be able to market PROMAKER® from this very moment, with its slogan “Quality that Makes it Easy”, definitely a seal of guarantee that since it already shows the success they are betting on.

Innovation of Authorized Services for Guarantee managers

Promaker® begins innovating with a unique system, developed by the best technological engineers to provide an ON-Line Guarantee System called “GOL”, with which the Authorized Service Centers (CAS) deployed throughout the National territory can monitor in real time each piece of any of its products.

In this way, the PROMAKER® client has the opportunity to enter the GOL system and be able to monitor each of the different states in which their product is found until the repair is complete.

The customer will be notified by email and/or text message once the process designed for this system has been completed and thus can immediately and without delay withdraw their PROMAKER® product from any Authorized Service Center provided for that purpose.

A brand and a recognized Distributor are the key to guaranteeing an optimal response and maximizing the satisfaction of the final consumer. 2018 starts with innovations and safe bets on the future in Latin America and the whole world.

In the following video you can enjoy the proposal for 2018 of the Promakertools Corporation for Latin America:

Words from our commercial director for Latin America, Luis Acosta, who has years of experience in the field, worked for more than a decade in world-renowned Tool corporations that today are direct competition for PROMAKER®.

Likewise, words from the exclusive distributor in Venezuela, who has been a leader in that market for more than 25 years in the distribution of major brands and today has a sales force of more than 120 allies, trained and specialized in each of our PROMAKER® products.