We were present at the Corinsa Materials Hardware store located in the Aragua state of Venezuela, sharing with all the staff and letting them know about our high-quality products.

The @ferrematcorinsa team had the opportunity to handle each of the tools in our extensive catalog, from the PRO-SC1500 jigsaw, through the PRO-TI14.4 screwdriver drill to our powerful PRO-TZ2400 miter saw.

Showing surprised by the strength and quality of each of our powerful tools.

Where are Ferretería y Materiales Corinsa located?

In the city of Cagua located in the Aragua State of Venezuela.

To find its location look at the Map:

Or if you wish, you can contact them through the number: 0412-4619407 or simply contact them by WhatsApp (click here).


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