Whenever the warranty of any tool is in force, the invoice or proof of purchase of the product to which it is desired to repair under this modality must be presented.
The document or purchase invoice must strictly comply with the following conditions:

  • The description of the tool in the document or invoice must correspond in full with the model submitted to exercise its right to guarantee.
  • If the tool has been purchased in conjunction with other items of different brands or nature, this document can be presented as long as the items purchased in the store are properly differentiated.
  • You must not have any type of amendment that lends itself to doubt about the veracity of it.
  • It is strictly necessary that the date of purchase of the product can be seen clearly and specifically.
  • The name of the trade in which the tool was acquired must be clearly seen, as well as the company name of the establishment.
  • If you do not have the original document or invoice, you can present a legible copy of it that complies with all the above requirements.

In the Authorized Service Center they will enter the necessary information in our On Line GOL system and from that moment the client will receive the information and / or update of the status of their repair request under the warranty selection. This information will be provided through SMS (text message) or your personal email indicating every time the status of your product changes until the last step when you are told that your equipment is ready and can be pick up.