The New partnership between Ebay and Promaker has already started.
Ebay, one of the most important Ecommerce platforms today, incorporates our Promaker brand to its extensive variety of products, which comes to compete with the best prices and the best after-sales service in the hardware category exclusively in the families of Hand Tools, Tools Electrical and Accessories.
Now, all fans of tools in the United States will be able to find all our products from the Promaker catalog on the Ebay platform, enjoying Free Shipping for their greater convenience and greater savings with immediate response
Promakertools Corp appointed a large team of highly qualified personnel who are dedicated to serving all requests for this platform, guaranteeing quick response to all users and the best service with personalized attention. This has influenced the great acceptance of the brand in online sales.
With just a few weeks of starting to market the Promaker Power Tools, Hand Tools and Accessories, the sales that have been generated exceed all expectations and projections, leaving as a result that each buyer has been satisfied with both the service and the quality that only Promaker can offer. with the most competitive prices on the market.
This is undoubtedly the beginning of a great alliance between Ebay and Promaker always seeking to benefit all our users in this booming market such as online sales.