The perfect combination, Promaker Amazon.
Promaker, the new brand that is generating a positive impact on the hardware market thanks to its excellent quality combined with its unbeatable price. On this occasion, a winning alliance is generated between these 2 large companies such as Promaker and Amazon.
Now Amazon will offer all users of its platform the best tools that only Promaker can guarantee. These sales through the number one online sales platform in the world will be carried out only in the United States, serving every professional and lover of quality tools.
Promaker attends to any query made on the Amazon platform on a daily basis, guaranteeing a personalized pre- and post-sale service with a highly qualified staff in this market that continues to gain ground every day. Through Amazon each user can enjoy our catalog 100% and will have the opportunity to purchase any product 24 hours a day.
The Promaker Amazon alliance came so that every professional in the United States can have a quality tool at the best price and at any time.