It’s as simple as storing them in a box where they won’t gather dust or excess humidity and cleaning them properly after every use. The best way will depend mostly on the type of tools you use, the space you have available in your house or workspace, and your personal preference. 
You can be a DIY expert or a curious beginner looking to buy your first power tool set. In both cases (or if you’re somewhere in between), you will face the same predicament. Eventually, you will have to put them in order. What is the safest way to store them? How can I best take care of them to prolong their life span? 
Fear not, for we have you covered! In this article, we will explain bit by bit what is the best way to store power tools, why it is important to store them right, and where are the best places to store them.
We will also give you extra info like how to best prepare your tools for storage and tips on how to maintain them in optimal shape for long periods of time.

What is the best way to store tools?

Original boxes

Many people like to store tools in their original boxes, as simple as that. However, it is important to keep the boxes in ventilated places, so that the tools do not accumulate dust over time.


A good option is to keep them in a toolbox. However, buy a silica gel to preserve and protect all manufactured products from moisture. Make sure to place the tool box in a place where there is ventilation.

Hang a pegboard 

If you want to know how to make one yourself, click here. This is a great idea if you want to not only store your tools, but also save space. The benefits of this technique is that you can keep them clean and organized.

Storage racks

One of the best ways to store your power tools is through a storage rack, you can organize them by stations and it is easy to use. If you want to protect your tools from dust and moisture, a good option is to buy an anti-rust paper.

There are many, many creative ideas for storage for power tools that you can choose from. The important thing for you to keep in mind is that you need to take care of your power tools so they can function properly, last longer, and also be safe to use.
A good place to start is by checking the manual. Some tools have special instructions for their storage, so checking the instructions or original package will help you have all the necessary information on-hand.
Broadly, the best way to store all your power tools is back inside the box or case that they were purchased in. Usually, power tools come with containers or in a set with useful cases or bags.

How should you store power tools?

Power tool storage

As we have mentioned in the list above, a good place for storage for power tools is a toolbox. If you choose to buy a tool case or use one you already have, first make sure that you can store the tool safely and comfortably inside. Afterward, put some silica gel packs inside to keep moisture levels down.

You can also use chests or cabinets as storage for power tools. But consider that it is always very important to lock out moisture. So you should line the drawers with anti-rust papers as a precaution.
You could also hang power tools. This is efficient storage for power tools because it allows you to save a lot of space. You can simply hang pegboards on the wall in your garage or basement to keep your tools clean and organized. This will also keep them safely off the floor and away from ground moisture, which can cause problematic rusting.
However, if you choose to hang your tools, it is extremely important for you to do it properly. You must buy and set up a proper workstation and support on your walls. You should also dust and clean them every so often because if they get dusted over this could lead to damage in the long-term.

How should you prepare your power tools for storage?

If you want to keep your power tools in optimal working condition, it is not enough to prepare a good storage place for them. If you really want to keep them in the best shape possible, you must first prepare your power tools for storage.
It is really quite simple. Just think of it as giving them a little love each time you finish using them. The best way to prepare your power tools for storage is to clean them properly and thoroughly after each use
How you do that?
To clean them, simply wipe down the tools with a damp cloth and towel-dry them afterward. Doing this is very important and effective because it will remove any lingering dust, dirt, and grease from your tools. It will also help keep moisture from rusting them out. However, keep in mind that the cloth should be only damp, not by any means soaking-wet. If you apply too much water, it could end up damaging your power tools, so watch out for that!
Another thing you should do before storing your power tools is spraying them with a metal protectant and/or cleaner. You can use Boeshield T-9 or WD-40 for this. The lubricant will coat the metal and help repel dust. Remember that it is important to keep the dust away because it attracts moisture, which accelerates rusting.
Be careful because after praying your tools with a metal protectant or cleaner, they will be slippery for a little while. You need to pay attention and handle them carefully.
Another good measure is to check your power tools before storing them to see if there are any broken or defective pieces. Should you find one, the best thing to do is discard and replace it. This practice will help keep your tools in optimal condition.
A word for the wise: never use power tools that have faulty parts. This is extremely dangerous and could result in harm for the user. Not to mention that the power tool itself would be faulty and unproductive.
Also, keeping the habit of taking out and throwing the parts that can’t be replaced or fixed is a good way to keep your workspace free of clutter.

What should you know to choose the best place to store your tools?

Power tool storage
Power tools are a big investment. Although they are tough, with good maintenance they can live a lifetime. An important part of this maintenance work is to store them properly.
If you don’t take care of this, they can rust and even break. This would mean an expensive repair. You might even have to buy a new power tool to replace the damaged one.
That is why it is so important to find the right storage for power tools. There is no ultimate correct answer, you can choose between a couple of efficient options depending on which one works for you. However, there are a few crucial things you should take into consideration for your power tool storage place.
Here we will explain many handy options you have to design a good storage for power tools. But the most important things you should keep in mind are these: 

  • First, you need to make sure they are not exposed to excess moisture. You need to avoid rusting. 
  • Second, you should be wary of excess dust accumulating on them. 
  • Third, you should be mindful of the temperature of the space they are being kept in.

If you take care of these three important factors, your power tools should be alright. Keep on reading for more ideas! We will go in-depth and explore some of the most popular options for storing power tools.

Which is the best place to store your power tools?

Power tool storage
Here we will give you a brief overlook on some of the most popular places used to store power tools.
The most used places are:

  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Shed.

However, the most important thing to consider for storage for power tools is the humidity. This includes how much humidity is present and whether or not you can manage or maintain it.


If you decide to store them in a room at your home, you could purchase a dehumidifier to control the level of moisture easily. This is why basements are a popular option for power tool storage.


However, if you have a garage with a heating unit, you could also control temperature and humidity. For this, you can have a heater installed professionally. You could also invest in a large space heater.


You can also choose a shed as storage for power tools. However, it is crucial for the shed to be well-insulated and properly ventilated for this idea to work. Sheds don’t usually come with insulation, so you would probably have to design and build one yourself. And you would also need to take electrical outlets into consideration. You might have to add some to the shed to run a heater or dehumidifier (and also to operate and charge the tools, should you want to use them in the shed).
As you can notice, most of these ideas require some extra spending in order to accommodate the space you will use to store your power tools. This is because power tools require maintenance. If your tools have great financial and professional value to you, then these modifications we mention are definitely worth the investment. They can help maintain your power tools in top form and prolong their lifespan.

Conclusion: What is the best way to store tools?

How you want to protect and store your tools is up to you. However, our recommendation, and it is the one that we consider the best way to store your power tools is by keeping them in their original boxes, or in tool boxes using silica gel to protect them from moisture.
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