Here we have made a list of the 8 most essential power tools any person who likes hands-on projects or DIY endeavors will need.
If you are a beginner trying to choose which power tools to start your collection with, this article can give you some useful pointers.
In the end, the most essential power tools for you will depend on the type of projects you will be working on. Here we tried to choose a general overview of tools that are universally effective, useful, and allow for quick problem-solving.
If you are looking for more of a package deal, you can also consider buying a power tool set. We also made a detailed article about the best power tool sets available, if you are interested.

Top 8 most essential power tools you should consider buying

1. Jigsaw

Jig Saw Promaker Tools
The jigsaw is a power tool that makes it easy to create rounded cuts on things like sheets of wood.  Jigsaws are very easy to use, even for beginners. And another huge plus? They are one of the cheapest power tools you can purchase
As many other power tools, you can find a range of prices, but it is, in general, very cheap in comparison to other similar machinery. So, you can easily try to avoid the cheapest option and go for one that’s midrange so you can get more quality on your purchase. 
Miter saws and jigsaws have a few things in common, but they are very different. Jigsaws are mostly used for making complicated or intricate cuts in wood. This includes decorative cuts, which can’t be accomplished with more limited saws. That’s one of the jigsaw’s best advantages.
Jigsaws use a small flat blade that goes up and down and will allow the user to move it in any direction. 
It is common to see jigsaws used in conjunction with miter saws. First, you would use the miter saw to cut down a particular piece, and then use a jigsaw to refine it further. 

2. Drill driver

Drill Driver Promaker Tools
A drill driver in an incredibly versatile power tool that can help you in just about any project. You can use it in everyday tasks, such as installing shelves or hanging a baby gate, or also in professional projects like building an entire deck. Some pros even go as far as saying that this is the power tool they use the most in their lives.  
If you’re thinking of buying one, a word to the wise: be sure to include a set of drill bits for pilot holes, along with an assortment of driving bits. Screws have evolved way beyond the Phillips-head style, so you will want to have a set with a variety of star-shape drivers.

3. Circular saw

Circular saw Promaker tools
The circular saw is a lightweight power tool. Its circular blade can allow you to rip long lumber lengthwise. It can even let you cut big panels such as plywood. An adjustable blade height allows you to score wood or to even cut all the way through. They can also help you save huge amounts of time on sheet material cuts.
This tool is going to be ideal when the miter saw and jigsaw don’t meet the required cutting length or accuracy of a cut. The circular saw will provide you with a good even cut down the length of a piece of wood in those cases. 
This essential power tool can come corded or cordless and in a number of different variations.  
You could also consider purchasing a track saw, which is a variation of a circular saw. This variation will let you aim for a very accurate straight cut. They can also mount onto a metal ruler track for a very high level of accuracy.

4. Oscillating cutter

One of the things that can make a power tool truly essential is knowing that it has no substitute. This applies to the oscillating cutter: there are certain jobs that only an oscillating cutter can do. 
For example, imagine you have a 2-by-4 inside a wall that you need to trim. It’s hard to reach. You don’t want to go through the trouble of tearing open the whole wall. Well, an oscillating cutter’s small blade can fit into that hard-to-reach space and help you avoid a lot of demolition. 
Or imagine this: you’re remodeling and you eventually encounter issues where none of your other tools can quite solve the problem. That’s probably the perfect time to reach for the oscillating cutter. Its versatility will help you find all kinds of creative solutions.
This power tool uses a flat bar that vibrates at a high speed and has little teeth on the bar. This helps it make cuts with almost surgical precision.
There are many different kinds of uses for an oscillating cutter. Different blades will allow you to trim protruding pipes, remove old grout or even open up clean rectangles in drywall. Some come with grinding or sanding heads, which can help you for a myriad of other projects or tasks.

5. Table saw

Table saw Promaker Tools
Here’s one more saw you should consider! That’s the table saw. Although it is true that you can use a circular saw for some long cuts, you might find that your line ends up a little wobbly. If you need to make a long, clean, precise cut, your best choice will be a table saw.
Table saws can quickly and accurately help you trim down reclaimed wood. It will even allow you to match up two boards where one is 1/8-inch wider than the other.
If you want to make clean, machine-edge cuts, the table saw will definitely be your best ally.
Some people don’t want to buy them because they usually take up a lot of space. However, if you need a smaller portable option, you can find compact versions that can handle the vast majority of your table saw cutting needs. 
And if you do actually have some space for it in your garage, having a large-scale table saw will be comfortable for handling and cutting bigger pieces.

6. Screw Gun

One single project can require using dozens (or even hundreds!) of screws to hold it all together. That’s why one of the undisputed most essential power tools to have is a screw gun. 
Using drills for fastening screws is suitable, but let’s be honest, it isn’t really very effective.  Some drills don’t even have variable speeds to help you out with the screws. Another downside is they are heavy to hold for long periods, which eventually wears you out. So it is definitely worth it to have a lightweight screw gun in handy for your projects.
The screw gun will help you fasten screws in a breeze, which will optimize your time and make your work much more efficient.

7. Angle grinder

An angle grinder is a little power tool that spins small disks at a high RPM to cut and grind all kinds of material. The disks themselves are quite cheap, costing only a few dollars. You can choose between disks designed specially for either metal or masonry.
You can find thinner dishes and fatter disks for your angle grinder. Each type of disk has different uses!
The thin disks designed for cutting are very useful for trimming metal pipes, rebar, hog wire or tile. They can even be used to clip off rusty nail heads. 
The fat disks, on the other hand, designed for grinding are useful for jobs such as smoothing rough spots in concrete, removing rust and sharpening tools.

8. Miter saw

The miter saw is one of the most popular power tools, it is essential for almost every wood-related project and great for beginners. They are very straightforward, which makes them easy to operate even for the most novice user
The miter saw serves a simple function, but does it very efficiently. It will let you make crosscuts and miter cuts. Since it is stationary and has easy repeatability, it allows you to speed up your productivity. It is a trusty saw that remains universally appreciated for its pure effectiveness in cutting several different types of materials. 
If you purchase a mitre saw, you can make a variety of angled cuts through materials such as wood and steel. They’re ideal for all kinds of jobs. For many of them, you could use a hand saw, but the miter saw will let you do the same job in a fraction of the time.
Just be sure to buy one that can make a suitable length cut.  Some mitre saws will have a fixed saw blade and others will be mounted on a sliding bar. The second ones allow for a longer cut. You could also buy a cordless miter saw for further mobility advantages.