One of the best tool distributors is here to stay. The wait in Nicaragua ended thanks to the alliance of Promaker and LORISA who come together to offer the best products nationwide as only Promaker tools do.

LORISA, who is a long-standing tool distributor in Nicaragua, becomes one more ally to help Promaker reach each hardware store in the country using the 3 pillars of the brand as a spearhead, such as:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Service


In addition to all the experience of LORISA distributing different hardware market products which provides a great advantage and peace of mind for points of sale.

From now on, Nicaraguans will be able to enjoy all the advantages of our products in all categories such as power tools, hand tools and accessories with our extensive catalog that provides tools that cannot be missing at home.

Promaker continues to expand worldwide in each of the markets, competing with the main brands and gaining space hand in hand with each partner distributor in the different countries. Every day there are more distributors in different countries interested in creating a commercial alliance with Promaker.