Promakertools begins a new stage within the Mexican market, a new alliance that allows us to offer our extensive catalog of Power Tools, Hand Tools and, Accessories to millions of Mexicans through the SEARS® department store.

Now you can find us in all 96 SEARS® stores and online ecommerce Shop.

Our extensive catalog of +300 tools are available and accessible so that Mexicans can find what they need at the different SEARS® branches, as well as on the website

With this new alliance, PROMAKERTOOLS and SEARS® guarantee the support, quality and attention that Mexicans can receive from a Promaker® electric and manual tool through our Warranty policy.

What does the PROMAKERTOOLS – SEARS® alliance offer to the Mexican consumer?

Our electric and manual tools have a guarantee policy that has been designed to take care of the operation and use of the tools acquired by the consumer.

With our American vision for the development and manufacture of tools, we have created the PX2 Warranty service for the catalog of Power Tools and Infinite Warranty for the catalog of Hand Tools.

PX2 Warranty – Power Tools

When purchasing a Power Tool available at SEARS® stores and online stores, the Mexican consumer opts for a 2-YEAR WARRANTY period, plus a 2-year preventive maintenance period for the tool and a 2-month trial period.

Infinite Warranty – Manual Tools

The catalog of Hand Tools has the support and service against production failures that the tool can present at the moment that the Mexican user manifests after acquiring his tool in any of the SEARS® stores and online e-commerce.


What does the PROMAKERTOOLS – SEARS® alliance offer to the Mexican consumer?


How can the Mexican consumer apply for the Promaker® Warranty in the 96 SEARS® stores and online store?

In order to activate the Promaker® Tools warranty service for power and hand tools in SEARS® stores and online e-commerce, the Mexican consumer must go to the nearest store with a legible purchase receipt.

In the case of making the purchase through the online e-commerce, you must have the electronic purchase receipt or the purchase number at hand.

The SEARS® Service Center will review the equipment to comply with the agreements and care agreements established between the use and handling of the tool to activate the Promaker® Tools Warranties through SEARS®.

We are proud to strengthen and generate this new alliance that allows us to reach millions of consumers in Mexican territory through SEARS®.